News, itfits! Update - Multilanguage, Adaptive fitting and 3D Matching

Spring is a season of big releases in
Daniele 01 April 2019
eCommerce and strategy

How to Influence Consumer Buying Decision and Grow Your Shoe eCommerce

Is the growth rate of your shoe eCommerce business giving you a headache? Do you want to sell more...
Daniele 11 February 2019

Digitawise joined's partners program. Together to improve online's footwear shopping experience

Partners are core in's strategy. Since the beginning, we believed that only cooperating we...
Daniele 06 February 2019
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returns management, eCommerce and strategy, shoes

How customer shoes return affect eCommerce revenue

You will agree that the eCommerce industry isn’t what it used to be. Continuously evolving...
Daniele 22 January 2019
Size guide
eCommerce and strategy, size guide

Shoe size guide for eCommerce: everything you need to know

It has become increasingly evident. eCommerce make returns one of their points of growth and...
Daniele 09 January 2019
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5 shoe sales strategies to improve your eCommerce conversion rate

The eCommerce conversion rate for a given period can be measured as the percentage of unique...
Daniele 17 December 2018
News, itfits! weekly update – API release

Last week we made a major release on picture acquisition UX flow and this improvements have been...
Daniele 06 December 2018
Apps and technology, itfits! weekly release: a better user experience on the Itfits! platform

If you are among those, who have understood how our ItFits! technology improves sales, reduces...
Daniele 22 November 2018
eCommerce and strategy

Managing measurements in online shoe sales with

If you manage a footwear eCommerce, you know very well that your users are hard to please when it...
Daniele 08 November 2018