eCommerce and strategy returns management Update - Multilanguage, Adaptive fitting and 3D Matching

01 April 2019

Spring is a season of big releases in

We just released some big improvements in the UX of Itfits! our shoe fitting solution. 


The new features that we released are:


1) Multilanguage Kit.

With the Multilanguage Kit, we can add easily new languages in addition to English, we already set up the Italian version.

This is a good opportunity for these stores that have customers from different countries.

2) Adaptive Fitting.

This is a new feature of our Fit-Rank Algorithm which helps people find the best size based on their specific fitting preferences and shift from one and the other preference in real-time. You can take a look at this screen captured video of the new acquisition flow with the adaptive fitting selection: (Versione Italiana Video:

3) 3D Feet - Shoes matching.

With this big improvement we are able to virtually wear the shoes on the user's feet and understand if this shoe is fitting on its feet.

We are able also to extract a "Fitting Coefficient" to define how much the specific shoe model is adapt to the user's foot and provide fitting recommendations.

This evolution, it’s a clear improvement in line with the customer satisfaction company’s goals, but also helps growing conversions and customers trust. 


If you want additional information about please contact us.