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Digitawise joined's partners program. Together to improve online's footwear shopping experience

06 February 2019

Partners are core in's strategy. Since the beginning, we believed that only cooperating we could be able to finally be part of this big cultural and behavioral shift that is happening on shopping habits worldwide.

Digitawise is one of our first partners and strongly believed on our vision to improve online's footwear shopping experience. For this motivation, I decided to do a small interview with their CMO Stav Sarandiev explaining why we are a  so good match. Enjoy your reading:


Me:    Hi Stav, nice to meet you, Can You Tell Us More About Digitawise?

Stav: Based out Los Angeles and Bulgaria, Digitawise is an integrated web development and digital marketing company, specializing in digital transformation. Offering the complete arsenal of services required to produce, develop and refine an online business, we understand what it takes to stay ahead in today's competitive virtual space.

With our key specialisations focusing on e-commerce, both B2C and B2B, we utilise elements such as search marketing, branding, design and creative, web development and other forms of marketing to create a strategically sound approach for our clients.

Essentially, we’re a one-stop shop, allowing our clients to simply tell us what they need from their business, and we’ll build and execute the plan to get them there.


Me:    What are the Geographical Areas in Which You Operate?

Stav: Our primary market, which we’ve been working in since the beginning, is the United States, but in recent years we’ve also been focusing on the European market, and making ground there.


Me:    Which Industries is Your Company Operating In?

Stav: As we’re an integrated design and marketing service, we operate across a wide range of industries and fields, ranging from e-commerce stores, to more technical industries.

These include consumer packaged goods (CPG), sports and outdoors, beauty and fashion, health and wellbeing, financial, medical and real estate.

One of the real cornerstones of our service is always going to be e-commerce, whether that’s B2B or B2C, and we have completed a number of now-thriving e-commerce projects.


Me:    Can You Tell Me More About Your Footwear E-Commerce Ideas?

Stav: Nowadays, with so much competition, providing a unique, accurate and trustworthy experience is what it’s all about, especially when it comes to fashion e-commerce.

Consumers don’t shop at a particular site out of pure loyalty anymore, they’re looking for the best possible experience, price, accurate sizing and stores they can actually trust.

Utilizing a proper branding strategy, integrated PPC and organic SEO approaches, as well as innovative, aesthetic website design makes for a powerful e-commerce website, and all of that can be tightly tailored to fit the footwear industry perfectly.


Me:    What Should, in General, the Best Online Footwear Shopping Experience Be Like?

Stav: Speaking generally, when it comes to buying footwear online, you want several things. Style and range, sizing and fit, and efficiency and price.

When looking for new shoes online, you want to be able to zone in on the styles and range of shoes, trainers or boots you’re actually looking for. Beyond that, it needs to be straightforward to filter in all the products that come in the right sizing, utilizing both length fitting and width.

The last point is efficiency and price. With abandonment being a major hurdle when it comes to building a high-performance e-commerce store, this whole process needs to be fast, and you need to make it easy for customers to both reach the checkout point and believe they are getting the best possible price, and special offers or deals, if possible.

Having a smooth and innovative experience like this can set apart the truly professional, modern e-commerce stores, and using high-tech sizing technology can make all difference alongside it.

In our project we follow all the best practices, the same that you described in your post about how to sell the shoes online.


Me:    Can You Tell Me Why You Decided to Look Into Partnering With

Stav: We think your problem solving experience when it comes to e-commerce perfectly compliments our own approach, and could make for a powerful partnership.

At the core of the most successful digital businesses, today is a focus on utilizing modern, innovative solutions to meet the ever-evolving demands of consumers.

Modern consumers have never been savvier or more demanding, and partnerships like this help us to meet those demands and keep our clients ahead of the curve.

With so many e-commerce businesses cropping up every day, it’s absolutely crucial to utilise innovative technology in order to make sure that your business is able to provide a better, more accurate shopping experience, and you can’t do that with quality web design and marketing alone!


Me:    Based on Your Experience, What Makes Itfits! the Best Option to Help Users Find Their Sizes While Doing Online Shopping?

Stav: Everyone knows how annoying it is to finally receive your new pair of shoes after days of waiting, only to find they’re an unusually wide fit, or are simply too big. That’s infuriating, and it’s one of the many things holding modern e-commerce back.

Even nowadays, you hear people advocating going to buy things on the high street simply because you can try them on first, and you know they’ll fit.

However, with AI-based solutions like this, e-commerce footwear stores can let their customers know exactly what will fit them and how those options will fit. This kind of technology is potentially a powerful piece in the puzzle of building complete customer trust and allowing consumers to shop for clothes and shoes without worrying about sizing.


Me:    Thank you Stav for your thoughts, I really enjoyed talking with you. I'm sure that this will be only the beginning of a great cooperation!

Stav: I believe too!


Do you believe in eCommerce? Want to Join our Partners program as Digitawise did? Visit our Partnership page